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April, 2012
Food packaging coating
March, 2012
NanoPack Launches Innovative "Bairicade XT™" Coating
  NanoPack Inc. is a materials science company, formed in 2004, that develops and markets cost-effective, environmentally friendly barrier materials for the packaging industry. Our products include both liquid coating to create barrier and the barrier coated films themselves.

NanoPack’s clear barrier coatings and coated films use a proprietary technology to improve and add value to standard packaging films such as BOPP, PET and NYLON.
  The Company’s products:
  1. are the first clear barrier coating that is simultaneously high-barrier, low-cost, easy to apply and environmentally friendly.
  2. can be applied using existing printing and/or coating equipment.
  3. allow converters to manufacture their own barrier films and to capture the cost benefit and the value added associated with these self manufactured films.

Primary markets for NanoPack’s barrier materials are food packaging applications for which protection of contents from oxygen is important for improving shelf life. Additionally, the Bairicade XT™ and NanoSeal™ barrier coatings offer superior aroma/fragrance protection for spices, seasonings, food ingredients and air freshener products.

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